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Your event needs to be licensed prior to its commencement. Forms must be lodged no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the event. Please complete the form below and then click the 'send' button to submit your event details to APRA. We will email/send a licence agreement to you which you must sign and return prior to the start of the event. If your event is about to start, please contact our Events team on 0800 69 2772.

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Type of Performance

Does your event include any of the following elements? (Please check all that apply)

A storyline is a chain of events (whether factual, fictional or a combination of both), told in an interrelated sequence or arc (presented in or out of chronological order) within a show (even if the storyline is not written down). It also includes the story of the life or work of a particular composer, artist or other music figure or event.

One or more narrators or characters:

  • person(s) or recorded narrator(s) who tell a story.
  • person who assumes a role or adopts a character.
A choreographic work having a story, plot or abstract idea, devised or used for the purpose of interpretation by dancing and/or miming, but not country or folk dancing, or precision dancing sequences.
For events featuring a headline act, support acts, or a series of music performers where admission fees are charged. This licence may apply to a single event or a tour, or to a festival that is not eligible for the Festival licence and includes cabaret, burlesque, circus and variety shows.

For Festivals that:
a) occur on at least one full day (being no less than 8 hours advertised duration);
b) at an outdoor place requiring a stage to be erected or a performance area to be created specifically for the event; and
c) is advertised as a festival, in which the staging of the event and all associated advertising is not dependant on any one or two headline acts; and
d) includes at least six acts.

For events where music is featured but is not the primary focus of the performance such as comedy shows and magic shows.
For events with no admission fee where music is performed, such as a performance in a park.
For music included in the soundtrack of the films, and includes background music played for the duration of the film festival but doesn’t include performances of live artists and DJs.
For Sporting Events where music is performed before, during and after the event.

Production Details

Date From Date To
Does your production contain controversial themes such as violence, political, sexual, or drug and/or substance abuse?
Are you performing 3 or more works from an existing musical, revenue, operetta, pantomime, or ballet, for which the works were purpose written?
Are you advertising to the public by Press/Radio/TV/social media?
Do you intend to parody or change lyrics in any way? If so, please indicate which songs.

If you have answered 'Yes' to Storyline and point (ii) applies, and/or any of the 4 questions above, you will need to attach a script and/or programme/production notes.

Are you intending on filming the event?
Are you making print music arrangements of the works?
Are you video recording the event? (Including archival)


Please list all the songs you wish to include in your production below.

Please use the Work Search facility on our website to obtain the APRA ID (GW Code).

APRA Song ID Song Name Composer(s) Duration

Please note that theatrical applications must be submitted 6 to 8 weeks (with a minimum of 3 weeks) prior to the start of the event. If your event is about to start, please contact our accounts team on 0800 69 2772.

Event Details

Event Details: Please list all venues (and dates) individually.

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